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Fanfic Update - The Saiyan Empire
by Meghan (wmeghan)
at July 7th, 2006 (09:30 am)

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The only thing I can think of doing right now, is posting one of my older (and I mean OLDER. As in 1999) fanfictions.

This will give me a chance to update it as I post the chapters, since alot of their phrases and the things that happen irk me 5 years into my writing hobby. LOL SO, here it is! Please feel free to tell me what you think, and also, PLEASE post your own if you have one or twenty!

Title : The Saiyan Empire
Chapter : One
Author : Tora
Pairings : B/V, many new characters, etc (there IS a "Kakarott" pairing with a new character, so if you don't like that, don't read! :p
Summary : Takes place on the Vegetasei that would have been. The lives of palace warriors and guards, and the drama that naturally ensues. "Queen Bulma" and "King Vegeta" have a bit too much on their hands, and their royal guards are about to make things both a bit easier, and a bit more interesting for them.


CHAPTER ONE: Planning The Event

"Ki chan!" a loud voice called from down the hall. Kijah heard footsteps after it and groaned. She slipped her tail around her waist to hide its already bristling fur.

"What, moron?! I told you not to call me that! Especially not in public!" Kijah yelled as soon as the footstpes entered the room.

Liena sneered at the other female Saiyan. "Sorry. You don't have to call me a moron so much." She said in a voice a bit softer than Kijah's and scowled, folding her arms.

Kijah turned from her work and glared with dark beady eyes into the softer one's of her companions. She silently wondered why any Saiyan's eyes would take on such a feature. "So, whats brought you down into the bowels of the palace?"

Liena smiled, baring those sharp, white teeth that made her look a bit more Saiyan. "Oh the queen has ordered us off for the day! There's to be a great supper in the main hall tomorrow night, only for the workers who live here. Something about a 'holiday'." Her tail waved wildly behind her, betraying her excitement more than the look on her face did.

Kijah forgot her glare and looked questioningly at her friend. The Queen had done some odd things, but this seemed most odd of all. To let off the workers for a feast in the middle of the trade season? "Well what exactly..." Kijah questioned hesitantly, not wanting to look stupid in front of her year younger companion "is a ... holiday?" As she calmed down, she also let her tail free of her waist.

Liena shrugged, still looking quite happy. "I heard its an earth custom. She's been trying to get the King to abide since she got here. Seems this time he's in a good mood!"

Kijah smirked, the closest thing she'd ever get to a smile. "Well then lets go! I'm sure you'll want to meet up with your little attachment at the table ne?" She winked at Liena who snorted.

"Ahh, stoppit Ki ki! He's just a training partner." the younger Saiyan complained as the two made their way through the dark halls and up into the better lit ones.

As the two got further upstairs, they lowered their voices, as they knew large preparations would be in the works. They quickly walked along the guarded halls into one of the best housing facilites of the palace. Each had a room, right next door the other.

"And dont call me that either, brat!" Kijah said as they came upon their dwellings. Liena had learned long ago that Kijah hated nicknames. She used the fact against her often. "I'll have to make up some nasty names for you once you've joined with Kakarott! " Kijah laughed wickedly, despite the presence of guards in the halls as she entered her room. Liena growled at her exit and then entered her own room.

Kijah sat down, still laughing as she removed her boots and shifted thick hair over her shoulder. She loved to chide Liena about Kakarott. The man was so naieve, but that is what Liena liked about him most. He wasn't quite as...oh... male. She shrugged to herself. She thought about her own needs for a mate as she sat in front of her message screen.

"Hmmm. Alright! The first will be a general message from the Queen, and the second..." Kijah scowled and thought "Shit. I always know!" She growled ferally as she slammed the recieve button down.

A female with soft blue hair (who she knew to be the Queen) appeared on the screen. Kijah was not phased one bit, being well used to seeing her. Though, many others had not taken well to the Queen's arrival.

When Vegeta went off world and returned claiming to have bonded with a human, rumors flew. Though they dare not revolt against such a strong and important one such as Vegeta himself, there was definately a rise in those who talked of it. Many believed that he had taken on some type of sickness, but changed their minds as they saw his usual attitude was as smug and wicked as ever. Kijah herself merely sought out to view the actions of the two together. Her own parents were bonded, and she would know whether the whole thing was the truth. Once she'd accomplished this task, taking in Vegeta's actions toward the female, she knew that his 'claims' where the truth.

Since then, the Queen had made the best impression possible, showing no more than good intentions for the planet as a whole. In fact, things seemed to go along quite smoothly with her new ideas.

" - tomorrow evening" The queen's voice broke her thoughts. She was speaking better in the native tongue lately. "The celebration is a custom on Earth, but I would only like to be reminded of it and would like to celebrate all of your hard work." She flashed that bright white smile that she was infamous for "I'm sure you'll all have no trouble attending such a feast." she finished, and the screen went blank.

"No trouble at all, my Queen." Kijah smirked at the thought of a table full of food, and all of the warrior talk brought into one big meal. It would definately be a great celebration.

It was only then that she clicked the button for the next message. Kijah was very angry at whomever was going to appear on that screen. Solely because she had no idea who it was.

Then a face she would not have expected in years flicked on.

Kijah stared into the dark, stern eyes of her father.


Liena growled at her message screen. It was always messing up. She'd seen the general message from the queen, and now waited to see who had sent her a message next.

Deep down she hoped it was Kakarott to set up another session. But she had yet to admit to herself that she actually was beginning to desire his presence more often.

Then, a hardened face appeared on the screen. The blue base in his black hair gave it away.

"Hello, Shinto." Liena sighed and leaned back into her seat, ready to be berated on whatever subject he chose to bring up. She could not stand this member of her guard troops.

"Liena, we will need your assistance in the set up of this feast the Queen has planned" he reported in a monotone voice, never showing any of his own emotions toward the subject. "We will be making sure no problems persist outside of the set up area, and I will expect your prescence tomorrow morning. Promply at sun up."

The screen went blank.

Liena sighed. She hated her job. Well, it wasn't the actual job, it was just that she found it boring. Nothing 'interesting' ever happened. And now she could look forward to standing in the hall outside the huge dining room, and watching bustling workers go in and out.

She sighed again, wondering what on earth could make this lovely day any better.

She realized exactly what could as a male with infamous high volume 'spikes' and soft black eyes appeared on her screen.

"Liena, have you heard about this feast? Well, " he quirked thick brows "you likely have. Anyway, I guess since I have to work, we'll have to move our training session to tonight. Tomorrow's going to be much busier." He stopped again, looking down in thought. Then he looked back up "Well I guess thats it! I'll see you tonight!" He smirked wickedly as the screen went blank.

Liena stood and stretched quickly, then erupted into a short barrage of punches and kicks into the air.

Anything to keep her stomach from flipping inside of her. She cursed Kakarott for being able to do such things to her without even knowing it.



She was speaking English again. Now only when she cursed she spoke in such ways.

"Now why the hell can't I pull this file? I had it all set up for the damn.." she trailed off into a low growl, one she had developed quite nicely with her language skills on the planet.

"Ah!" her face suddenly wrenched into a huge smile once again. "I got it." she smiled in a proud fashion.

The two guards at her door merely stood unphased by the Queen's conversation with herself.

She sat typing wildly into the machine and then all at once, leaned back into her chair as a hologram card filled with symbols showed up in front of the screen.

"Now lets see. Chicken...No, turkey gravy for whatever beast they can hunt down.." she was again speaking with herself, and obviously reading her native symbols.

The guards snapped to attention as the King himself appeared in the far right entrance.

"Far too many free entrances to this room." His razor edged voice illuminated the quiet atmosphere.

Bulma nearly jumped out of her clothes for the millionth time.

"Jeeze! Vegeta, must you just slink in like that?" she said, now scowling in his direction.

He flicked a narrowed glance at the guards. This was gesture enough for them as they nodded respectfully in unison and turned, closing the huge door behind them.

Bulma looked back at her screen as Vegeta walked over, arms folded, assessing her work the best he could. "Earth symbols again? What concoction are you working on now?" he sneered.

"Recipes. For the feast tomorrow night." she was barely paying attention to her own words.

Vegeta lowered his brows. "What? Bulma, you know that we have cooks to do such things. You'll not be galavanting around the east wing of the palace all day tomorrow." His look remained set in stone.

Bulma pulled herself away from the screen. "It's just few suggestions! And anyway, galavanting is not the word for what I'll be doing tomorrow. Working is." she folded her arms. She still sat, but now glaring into her mate's black eyes in challenge.

Vegeta raised both brows, making him look utterly smug. "Oh, work is it? Not if I have anything to do with it." he snorted and turned on his heel, walking all the way to the large door that the guards had just exited through. He knew she'd have a retort of some kind.

"VEGETA!" he could just see her face turning every color of the spectrum "I'll do what I please! Don't you remember? This is my idea. I have to make sure it runs properly!"

He smirked. Bingo. Now to turn ever so slowly and have a look at those flashing blue eyes. He did such, still smirking. "Your idea it was, but under my supervision. And you will be at my side. Supervising." he waited a few more seconds for the wave of odd twists and turns her face made under such anger and then spun once more, this time walking out.

Vegeta stopped just outside the door and waited.

An ear peiercing scream of frustration erupted from the room, and the hall guards cringed ever so slightly. Vegeta's smirk turned to a grin as he walked down the hall, arms folded, cape flowing gallantly behind him.


Kijah scowled out her window. It was just about dusk and the inhabitants were running around wildly. There was likely an approaching wind storm. Only the palace was equipped for such things.

A knock at her door broke her thoughts.

"What." she sighed.

"Ki, it's Liena!" her voice was muffled by the thick door.

Kijah's brows drew together "Well you have the code! Just put your damned fingers in the monitor." she sighed. Sometimes her friend could be so odd.

Liena stepped in with an accusing scowl on her face. "Whats got you're good side?"

Kijah sighed again, wondering what 'good side' she was referring to.

"Well, I just talked to my dear father" Kijah flicked a dark gaze to her friend waiting for her reaction.

Liena's brows raised "He's back? When did he come back? I mean, what did he want?" she asked.

Kijah's father was an off-world troop. Almost never seen. The only times he actually came home were when he needed to be with his mate. Even then he barely payed any mind to his daughter or son.

Liena was now sitting next to Kijah in a chair, Kijah looking quite doomed in sort. "He felt the need to give me some information-" she sighed out. "-about my needing a mate"

Liena groaned. "Oh. I'm sorry, Ki." She fully understood the ramifications of such a talk.

Kijah shrugged. "It is the truth. I'll just need to be doing some narrowing down before he steps in"

They both sat quiet for a moment, thinking of likely the same thing.

"Well! "Liena suddenly sat up "Lets just get in better frames of mind. The tournaments are coming up this season! And plus, we have that huge feast tomorrow night."

Kijah smirked. Liena always knew how to brighten outlooks. She looked to her "So, do you have a job for tomorrow yet? " This made Liena scowl.

"I do. Ordered by none other then your wonderful brother" she sighed.

Kijah suddenly looked angered "Is that brat being mean to you again? I'll set him straight!"

Liena saw the flash in her friend's eyes "No! No, its no big deal Ki. He was quite nice about it, I just loathe the job!"

Kijah calmed a bit (at her friend's relief). She hated to witness the battles her and her brother engaged in. Kijah usually left him high and dry. Literally.

"Well at least you have the self control not to kill him. That usually isn't the case with you or I!" Kijah though outloud, recalling the many battles the two had gotten into in their early teens.

Liena smirked. "Well its acually a part of my training. Kakarott is helping me with it"

Kijah grinned, at the same time Liena figured out her huge mistake. "Oh Ka chan is helping you eh? Thats always good, considering you have his scent" Kijah ducked away from Liena's backhand.

Her usually good natured friend was now scowling deeply. A face seen all and too much in her many past battles. " I do not have his scent!" she said simply, tail fluffed to the full extent. Liena was not one for the barrage of screams that Kijah was famous for.

Kijah shrugged and got up, not willing to put up with any more backhands.

"I have to go to train tonight." Kijah said matter-of-factly. She was getting quite bored with her current training.

"Me too!" Liena said. "Lets go up to the arena's together"

Kijah smirked "Yeah, just in case anyone decides to mess with the two of us"

Liena looked at her for one second and all at once the two erupted into wicked laughter, walking out of Kijah's quarters.


Shinto scowled as he walked to warrior training. He was getting utterly sick of his having to be 'taught how to teach'. He was the leader of a decent group of Heirarchy guards, and did not (in his opinion) need to train with the likes of these weaklings.

News had it there were new ones from the off world troops coming in tonight.

He groaned again, flicking a thick lock of blue based hair behind his back.

He let his tail lash around a bit, showing his displeasure. He knew he'd have to supress it in battle later on.

"Shin!" a male voice came from behind him He turned to see his first commanding officer (and friend, for that matter). Rather the closest thing to a friend a Saiyan could have.

"Whats wrong?" He asked. Ranku only 'ran' in the halls when there was something up.

Well, he said as he fell into step with Shinto "Word has it there's an off worlder being promoted tomorrow night. Big deal too! He's going to be the new Royal guard trainer."

Shinto fought to keep his jaw from dropping onto the carpeted floor. "What? The Royal guard trainer? An off worlder? Did you hear right?" even after the barrage of questions, he thought a quick second "The Queen's feast is tomorrow night!"

Ranku nodded solemnly. "They are going to be awarding some special things to people there also, but this guy is getting the headshot. "

"Why on Vegetasei would they choose an off world troop?" Shinto had quickened his pace, anger taking over as his tail lashed around. He could take this guy, he was sure of it. The only strong off world stroops were the Commanders.

"Seems this 'Chatsu' guy saved his entire squadron, including the commander, when the planet inhabitants revolted. He saved all of their lives and then single handedly cleared out the place." Ranku reported with specific articulated words. These skills were needed of the First Commanding Lieutenant of any Squad.

Shinto snorted heavily "What a fairy tale. Its just some over rated rumor." He scowled regardless as the two walked into the large training arena. A few others had gathered and were practicing warm up maneuvers already.

Ranku shrugged and joined Shinto in a few practice moves before the trainer got there.


Kijah sidestepped easily and caught the male's foot. She twisted it, heard a nice crack and dropped it. Only to give her room for a final blow to the stomach. The male, his armor, and his blood all flew in the same direction as Kijah had punched.

She snapped to direct attention: arms behind her, feet apart, and nodded her head once.

Her fighting partner lay uncontious on the ground in fron of her

"Very nice Kijah. Now troops, this proves you need speed as well as raw power to defeat any enemy. Kijah used no ki attacks, and defeated Lotar within a few mere minutes." The trainer explained to the rest of the 'class' who all stodd at attention as Kijah did.

The only difference was that Kijah was covered in Lotar's blood.

She silently wondered when she would be promoted. At the same time she hoped and wished she would not be stuck training trainers.

She was called back and watched all of the other's attempt to work on their speed. It wasn't half as amusing as she'd hoped.

Rather than bore herself watching such things, Kijah silently wondered if the arrogant Lotar would want her head after the fight. She grinned to herself as she though of what might happen. Let him try.

Then she found herself wondering what Liena was up to, and grinned at her friend's fortune. She had a mate lined up, and a strong one at that.

Kakarott was one of few tested as a child. He was in a class all his own. The only fallback to his power was his attitude, which was very often less Saiyan then most would like (and that was the main reason he was stuck training high guards). Liena had caught his scent the moment she saw him. Kijah just hoped it would all work out for her. She was almost sure it would lead to a strong bond.

She sat and half heartedly watched techniques she knew like the back of her hand, wondering when she could finally go and do something interesting.


Liena dodged Kakarott's punch, then the kick, and finally the ki blast which went along with the combo.

His eyes lit up as she did so "Good! That's the clearest dodge you've done all night! Your getting fast."

Liena smiled as she powered up a new blast. She knew he'd deflect it, but he had a way of assessing her ki blasts. She clasped both hands below her belt and then thrust them forward, yelling as if commanding the blast to surface. Many warriors chose words to say as they released the blasts, but Liena had yet to perfect this one. A large blue flame erupted from her hands, got skinnier and hit Kakarott's arm as he deflected it.

He quirked his brows a bit and gave a hand signal that the training had resolved for the moment at least. They both powered down. "Ah! That stung a bit. You are getting better, Liena. Are you practicing in your quarters again?" He raised a wary brow as Liena just watched. "You remember the commanders weren't too happy when you and your friend used to."

Liena smirked "No, I've just been working outside the palace"

He raised both brows and narrowed his eyes "Oh, you're a sly one. I have a feeling that 'practice' was a bit of fighting eh?"

She snorted a bit.

"Well" he said wiping his brow "I think thats enough for tonight." Seeing her almost hurt face, he jumped into an explanation "We all have a big day tomorrow!"

She rolled her eyes as the two walked out "Yeah, I get to stand guard with my troop. Outside the dining hall. Watching. " She sighed irritantly. Besides Kijah, Kakarott was the only one she could trust with her true feelings and complaints. "Eh, we'll see if we can get you out of that " He elbowed her in the side and winked as she looked at him. "See you tomorrow Liena!" He saluted

She did the same, hoping the darkness hid the color beginning to form at the bridge of her nose.

She returned to her quarters and waited for Kijah's return also. Chide or not, she loved to hear her imput on this whole Kakarott deal. It slowly seemed to be coming true.


Shinto glared. It must've been too close to some season for him, because he could feel no more than jealousy towards this male.

Chatsu, the one they all spoke of, had shown up. He had red based hair, and the eyes of a hybrid. Light brown. Only the few hybrids of the Saiyan race had light brown eyes. It wasn't something that was well received.

How could some low life hybrid off world troop get such an award? So he 'practiced' on his own time. Shinto knew he could beat him.

"And you are?" Those eyes were staring directly into his own.

"Shinto, of the east wing guards. Son of Rotek." He spit out militiantly.

"Well then" the hybrid smirked wickedly "Well met." He moved on to the next.

Shinto was about to blow. He had to get out. It was only then that he heard those words he now held so dear

"You all my be dismissed. There's a big day tomorrow, and you all know your assignments."

Shinto was out the door before anyone knew.

And right in the face of his sister, Kijah.


"Fancy meeting you here" She drawled.

"Shut up, moron. I have no time for this." he snorted and walked past her. She fell into step as they were heading in the same direction at the time.

"Whats got your tail, Shin chan?" she said, smirking quite evilly.

He glared, but decided not to go into his usual backlashes at her for calling him that. In fact, he'd tell her the whole story. "There's an off world troop being placed at the head of the royal guard training."

Kijah raised her brows "Oh? whom?

"Chatsu" he sneered. "Some hybrid pompus southerner."

"Oh and do you know he's from the south? You spit that out so easily these days. " She looked confused for a second. "Whats a hybrid? New insult or something?"

He flicked a belittleing glance at her "Those Saiyans, the ones with light eyes. Those are the hybrids. They are looked down upon."

She shrugged. "Must be your thing. I've never heard of it." She smirked "Ah well, I'll just have to see for myself." She began to make her turn to her corridors.

"Goodnight dear brother!" She purred. and then her eyebrows dropped suddenly and she scowled, a complete contrast to her face a second earlier.

This caught his eye as he looked to her.

"And don't mess with Liena tomorrow. I'll have your hide for it. Mark my word." With that she turned on her way, tail still around her waist from battle.

Shinto rolled his eyes, but dare not comment.

Kijah walked into her room, slowly removing the armor that she forced herself to train in. Man of the others merely took on light clothing. She figured (along with Liena and Kakarott, whos idea it originally was) that weights increase muscle. Therefore to train in something heavy only makes one stonger.

She sat loftily at her chair and click on her recieve button.. "Hmmm. Mom, and then Liena." She smirked to herself. Exactly right. Her mother had given her a quick message, apologising about her father's message before. Although Kijah knew it wasn't from her father, it was all in good thought. Her mother knew that she need not take a mate until she bonded. But for some reason, her father insist she find the storngest, highest ranked warrior, and bond with him. At least his attacks weren't only on her. Seems Shinto had been berated on the same subject.

She sighed and flicked on Liena's message. She seemed happy after an evening with the object of her affection.

Kijah smirked.

She had only told her that she'd be out tomorrow morning, but Kakarott had told her he'd try to get her out of duties. If he did so, Kijah should be expecting a visit.

As she listened to Liena's message, she couldn't help but wonder "What is my job for tomorrow?"

She raised both brows and checked her past messages. None other than those two.

She sighed an got up. "They'll likely come in the morning, two minutes before I'm supposed to report."

Kijah took a steam bath to remove the layer of sweat and blood, and was off to sleep. She knew she'd be up most of the following night.


And so the Palace slept. With a few acceptions.

"We'll need more. And then we'll need better lighting in that room!" Bulma finished her order, wondering if that was it.

"That is it, I believe. I'll go look over the attendance reports." She said into a message screen.

"My queen, I'm afraid the king has ordered me not to let you into any more projects. I assure you I will take care of the files."

Bulma scolwed. Vegeta again. It was all in good mind, in fact, she actually liked it when he did this. No. She scowled more. Bulma would never admit to liking his control over her work like that.

"Goodnight, my Queen" The guard said, saluted, and flicked off the screen.

"Good night indeed!" She growled and fussed with the buttons on her message board.

She outright screamed as she felt something furry slide up her leg.

She jumped out of her chair, and saw a flash behind her. All at once, she was in the arms of none other than-


"The sun set hours ago, are you so mindless that you didn't notice?" His voice was as deep as ever, but much softer than normal, and right into her ear. That alone sent chills up her spine.

"Vegeta I have so much to work on before that feast tomorrow!" She complained, but almost half heartedly as he hadn't pushed her away yet.

"Nothing the nocturnal guards can not take care of." He said in that same voice.

Then that tail, that begotten tail slid up her leg again. He only acted this way when... Oh my.

He spun her slowly and looked into her eyes. It was only now that the mouthiest one on the planet chose to shut up.

"No more work tonight. Not for you anyway." Those eyes flashed wickedly as he smirked.

She did need to relax a bit, if that was exactly the correct term....


Posted by: dbzangelx (dbzangelx)
Posted at: July 8th, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)

Interesting story! I usually don't like fics with OOCs in them but this is interesting.

Hoping to see more! :)

Posted by: Meghan (wmeghan)
Posted at: July 9th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)

Yeah, I wrote this awhile ago, and had a few people say they didn't like that it doesn't follow the storyline.

But I like it! ^_^ Thanks for the support! I have more chapters that I will post soon.

Posted by: dbzangelx (dbzangelx)
Posted at: July 9th, 2006 03:12 am (UTC)

Didn't like it because it doesn't follow the storyline? O: I don't really particularly like stories that follow the storyline. That's why they're called fanfictions. I generally hate the ones that go, 'let's continue the DragonBall Z storyline!' What ever happened to originality anyway, sheesh.

Er, sorry for the rant. Just thought I'd say that. Point is, I love AUs. ^^;;

And no problem! Hope to see them!

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