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Kahlan Nightwing [userpic]
The following Fanfiction may be discontinued (x-posted)
by Kahlan Nightwing (kahlannightwing)
at November 10th, 2008 (06:49 pm)

Now before you sigh and go 'not another one', no I am not leaving the DBZ community. Neither am I going to quit writing any stories that are "popular". I was updating my DBC site with the 10 Hugs Challenge from DeviantArt, when I realized there are some stories I am likely not going to publish.

So here is my plan. I will have a poll here to decide which should go and which stay. All the stories will be moved to a new page with a disclaimer that they are being voted on. This page is here.

Basically what I'm saying is I've looked over things and can't decide which stories would be safe to quit so I can focus on the other stories I should be completing. So I am asking for your help. I ask for your help because each of these stories was done by me for you. You guys are the ones that will keep me writing. You guys are the ones that keep me writing. So it's up to you which I shall continue. Don't worry, I won't purge me computer of this stuff. I might even look back and go 'hey, I can do that now', so your vote won't mean the complete death of the story.

There are some WIPs that will not be stopped because I love them personally and know where they are heading specifically.

Now...onto the polls.

Poll #1294962 Vote for what you want to stay/continue.
This poll is closed.

Which of these unposted stories would you like to see?

A Father's Pride
War Drums
Love Me When I'm Gone

Which of these stories that needs rewritten do you want to see?

Wherever You Will Go
Buried Alive
Don't rerwrite either one, just put them up.

Which of these works in progress do you want to see continued?

Love of Possession
Unexplainable Choices
Whispers of a Banshee
Dimensions of You
The Christmas Capers

I know, some of the WIPs might be surprising. And a lot of them are het. Many of you know I moved on from het a long time ago. I tried to do both, but it was hard. :P No idea why really. I am willing to continue ones that are long-standing like Dimensions of You.